How Wide Is A Soccer Goal – Sizes Explained

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Sometimes we come across crazy questions asked by soccer fans. And “How Wide is A Soccer Goal?” are frequently asked questions. So, we are here to provide you with satisfactory answers. Though the question seems to make no sense, the confusion is valid because there are different sizes of goalposts followed by various organizations and leagues. 

How Wide Is A Soccer Goal - Different Types of Goal Sizes Explained

You might be surprised to read that the similar-looking goalposts are similar in size. There are slight variations in the goalposts. As everyone knows, some different organizations and associations run footballs of different age groups. And that is the reason why we see some variations in the goalposts. So, let’s discuss them in detail. 

Various soccer governing bodies use different sizes of soccer goals.

An In-depth Guide On How Wide Is A Soccer Goal?

FIFA Regulations

According to FIFA Regulations, everyone playing soccer at this level has to follow some standard measurements. According to FIFA (Federation International Football Association), here is the goal size of a definitive goal according to FIFA. 

Two upright posts on each side of the pitch are connected by a horizontal crossbar and are positioned equidistant from the corner flags. 

Rules For Crossbar And Goalposts

You can’t use any material in the making of goalposts and crossbars. FIFA recommends special materials that manufacturers can use. You can use wood, metal, or other approved material by the governing body. The shape of the goalposts and crossbars must be round, square, rectangle, or elliptical, but this material should not pose any physical risk to the soccer players. 

Infographic for different goal sizes in soccer
Infographic for different goal sizes in soccer

How Tall is a Soccer Goal?

The height of the edges of a crossbar must be 8 feet from the ground. This is enough height that it becomes very difficult for a goalkeeper to keep.

As for the size of the goalpost and crossbar, it shouldn’t be more than 5 inches or 12 centimeters. It means the diameter of the goal-making material should remain the same.

As for as the Goal Nets are concerned, players can attach it to the goalpost and crossbar, but it should not disturb the normal playing conditions.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

This is another governing body that looks after soccer at the college level. Let’s look at their rules and regulations and standards about the gaol size. However, it follows FIFA in most cases.

The goalposts and a crossbar used by this governing body follow the same rules and regulations discussed above. There is no difference in the material, color, height, and other aspects. The only tinny difference you can see is the diameters of the goalposts and crossbar. FIFA uses 5 inches diameter while making their posts and crossbar, and on the other hand, NCAA has shortened the diameter of these things by an inch. In other words, we can say NCAA is using 4 inches diameter goalposts and crossbars.

National Federation of High Schools (NFHS)

This is the soccer institute looking after High School level football. The rules followed by the NFHS are;

According to the rules and regulations, the NFHS specifies that, for high school soccer, a goal must consist of two upright posts placed parallel to a goal line and are between 4 and 5 inches in diameter. A horizontal crossbar should join these posts. The corner flag’s distance must be 8 yards on each side. 

The color of the goal should be white, having the manufacturer’s logo on it. No other paint is allowed.

A metal pipe between three and four inches thick can be used as an alternative to goalposts, and, instead of netting, a manufactured pad can be used for the vertical portion of the goal. White, with a maximum thickness of one inch, and a maximum height of 72 inches, must be secured appropriately. The rule allows a single manufacturer.

Beach Soccer Goal Size.

This is another type of soccer that is played at the beach on loose sand. Here the goalkeeper has the advantage of keeping less space as compared to a standard goal size. 

The width of a beach goal is 18 feet, while the height is 7.25 feet. It is a common space to cover for a keeper.

Futsal Goal Size

Futsal is another type of football played indoors as it is played indoors, so the size of the ground and goal will be smaller compared to normal soccer ground and gaol size. Let’s discuss the goal size of a Futsal ground.

The width of the goal is 9 feet 10 inches, the height of the goal is 6 feet 7 inches, and the depth of the goal is 3 feet 7 inches. 

Goal Size For Youth

The goal size for youth in US soccer is different for different age groups. Here are the goal sizes which are used;

Age Group Over 12

The goal dimensions for the age group over 12 will be 24 feet wide and 8 feet high. 

Under 12 

Children under the age of 12 must have a minimum of 6 feet by 18 feet and a maximum of 7 feet by 21 feet.

For 6 to 7 Years Old Kids

Minimum size of 4 ft by 6 ft is allowed for children of this age, and a maximum of 5 ft by 10 ft is allowed.

Get to Know how tall is a soccer goal and why football goals are 24 ft wide.

Goal Size for a High School

High school soccer players are not fully adults, so they do not play at a professional level. But they still use the same goals as professional soccer players.
The size of a high school soccer goal is 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide. These requirements must be followed by all high schools – according to the rules of the National Federation of High Schools.

Goalposts And Crossbar. Any Rules About Them?

The color of the goalposts and crossbar

Goals must be completely white, and there shouldn’t be any other colors.

The width and depth of the frame

Goalposts and the crossbar must be five inches in width and depth at all sides of the frame. 

The shape of the frame

 It can be one of the following:

  • round
  • elliptical
  • square
  • rectangular
  • a hybrid of the previous options

What if the crossbar becomes displaced or broke?

If the crossbar becomes displaced or broken, the game is stopped until it has been repaired. Play is restarted with a dropped ball. If it can’t be repaired the match must be abandoned.


There are different sizes of goals depending on age groups. So, the question “How wide is a Soccer Goal?” has other answers. Two main factors directly affect the size of goals. The first is the governing body, and the second is the age group. We hope that you would have got your answer. 

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