Best Soccer Balls in 2022 – Great Durability and Top Performance

Research Time: 133 hours Considered Balls: 11 Tested by: 7 Players

It looks super confusing when it comes to selecting the Best Soccer Balls among a bundle of brands available on the market. So many brands and countless techniques have made soccer balls more comfortable and affordable. It has, however, made the selection process much more difficult.

You would be wondering what should be the selection criteria if we can’t select a product on the basis of brands and technologies. Don’t worry we will get you through criteria that matter a lot when it comes to finding a soccer ball.

Best Soccer Balls in 2022 – Great Durability and Top Performance

To be completely relished, every soccer player or team desires to play with the right ball to perform the best. But there are some common aspects that every soccer ball must contain. And for that, you have to look for some of the basic aspects like the size of the ball, cover quality, lining, bladder type, and new standards.

We have tested and reviewed some top-quality soccer balls for your premium/official matches, practice sessions, training, and outdoor and indoor play. It took us 133 hours to test each of these balls properly on different surfaces and conditions to check their performance and present their reviews to you.

11 Best Soccer Balls 2022 – Reviews with Buying Guide.

Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS
Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS
  • Air Retention: 4.8/5
  • Rebound: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Panel: machine-stitched
  • Overall performance: 5 / 5
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Chaos Soccer Gear | Aztec Soccer Ball Size 5 | Premium Quality | Official Size
Aztec Soccer Ball
  • Air Retention: 4.7/5
  • Rebound: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 4.9/5
  • Bladder: Synthetic Bladder
  • Panel: Hand-stitched
  • Overall performance: 4.9/ 5
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Adidas Telstar 2018
Adidas Telstar 2018
  • Air Retention: 4.6/5
  • Rebound: 4.9/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Cover: Synthetic leather
  • Panel: 6 Thermally bonded panels
  • Overall performance: 5 / 5
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Wilson NCAA Copia II- A Perfect Choice For Training
Wilson NCAA Copia II
  • Air Retention: 4.9/5
  • Rebound: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 4.9/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Panel: machine-stitched
  • Overall performance: 5 / 5
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Bend it Knuckle-It Pro
Bend it Knuckle-It Pro
  • Air Retention: 4.8/5
  • Rebound: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Cover: Polyurethane(PU)
  • Panel: Thermally bonded
  • Overall performance: 4.8 / 5
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Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS
Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS
  • Air Retention: 4.4/5
  • Rebound: 4.5/5
  • Durability: 4.5/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Cover: Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU)
  • Panel: Thermally bonded
  • Overall performance: 4.4 / 5
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One World Play soccer ball
One World Play soccer ball
  • Air Retention: 5/5
  • Rebound: 4/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Bladder: N/A
  • Cover: Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam
  • Panel: Built-in
  • Overall performance: 4.6 / 5
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Select Numero 10
Select Numero 10
  • Air Retention: 4/5
  • Rebound: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Bladder: Latex
  • Cover: PU laminated with neoprene foam
  • Panel: Hand stitched 32 panel
  • Overall performance: 5 / 5
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Senda freestyle
Senda freestyle
  • Toughness: 5/5
  • Scratch Resistance: 4.7/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Cover: Rubber
  • Panel: Hand-stitched
  • Overall performance: 5 / 5
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ATB all terrain
ATB all terrain
  • Toughness: 4.9/5
  • Scratch Resistance: 4.6/5
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Cover: Rubber
  • Panel: Hand-stitched
  • Overall performance: 4.7/5
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Mikasa SX50 Size 5
Mikasa SX50 Size 5
  • Cover: Felt
  • Panel: Hand-stitched
  • Overall performance: 5/5
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Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS – Best for Training

Best For Training
Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Soccer Ball
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Available in different sizes
  • Controlled easily
  • Smooth and uniform

Are you looking for the best training soccer ball that can be used in leagues as well? If this is the aim of your visiting this site, we recommend that the Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Soccer Ball will be the best pick for you. The material is top-quality, along with better air retention..

  • Affordable
  • Soft touch
  • Good air retention
  • colorful
  • 100% TPU
  • Sometimes feels a bit rubbery and heavier
  • Not a good choice for professional use

If You Don’t Have Time, We Recommend You Go Through These Points.

  • We used the ball for hours for club training, but air pressure remained unchanged.
  • The surface showed great resistance to the hard concrete surface
  • Under extreme sunny conditions, the machine stitching holds the shape of the ball perfectly
  • Fine stitching also prevented water from getting into it, so the ball gained some weight on a wet soccer field.
  • The ball sometimes feels a bit heavy and rubbery on kicking.
  • Yes, you can play in the rain too as the surface and stitching are water-resistive.

If you desire to have a soccer ball that is equally good for training and leagues, then the Adidas Unisex will be a better choice for you. It is available in different sizes which makes it a better choice to use it both in professional and recreational play. It has the perfect weight quality that makes it a super cool ball to be controlled easily.

It features 100% TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane), which helps this ball remain durable and makes it perfect for training. The TPU construction of the ball makes it a bit tough. That is why its average age is better than other soccer balls. 

The machine stitching makes the shape of the ball smooth and uniform. Different colorful designs of the ball make it visible on a lush green soccer field. My team and I used it in different conditions/weather to check its visibility, and let me tell you that its amazing graphics helped us track this ball easily against any dark and light conditions.

Adidas Unisex-Adult MLS

The inner layer of the soccer ball uses Butyl Bladders which makes it great in retaining air. For training, you must have a ball that could last for an extended period of time. To meet this criterion, the manufacturer selects Butyl Bladder to retain air. Air retaining also helps players in controlling the ball. 

Adidas MLS 2021 Pro Matchball Review and Unboxing

The lining of the Adidas Unisex Adult MLS Soccer Ball is soft enough. It not only protects the bladder of the ball but at the same provides the spherical ball with a gentle touch.

Attractive patterns represent the USA and Canada. These patterns are lightened with bright colors. So, it becomes easier to locate the ball over the field. 

If you are searching for a soccer ball to polish your skills, do not hesitate to try it. A perfect softball with better air retention quality.

Aztec – Best Budget Soccer Ball

Chaos Soccer Gear | Aztec Soccer Ball Size 5 | Premium Quality | Official Size
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Extremely colorful and catchy
  • Well-stitched
  • Ensures quality

The highly vibrant design of the Aztec Soccer Ball Size has pro features. Designed with top-notch material to stay long. This is the soccer ball that is used in the leagues. So, if you are looking to start your career as a professional footballer, it will be a better choice for you.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Four layers lining
  • Soft and durable
  • Better flight due to dimple surface structure
  • FIFA Approved
  • Sometimes deflates a bit quickly
Aztec - Best Budget Soccer Ball

  • We have tested it under high pressure and in extremely hot conditions, and the hand stitching proved the quality of the ball.
  • The soft texture is there for better grip and control.
  • Under hot and humid conditions, the air retention was perfect.
  • Sighting the ball in dim light is a bit difficult.
  • The surface is well crafted but not well finished which shows a bit of looseness in water resistance.

Are you searching for a soccer ball that does not feel heavy while kicking? Something extremely colorful and catchy. Well-stitched and long-lasting, then the Aztec Soccer will be the best choice for you. 

First thing first, the surface of the ball is a bit different. It features a dimple texture which reduces air drag. A perfect choice for professionals who love to air the ball.

An incredibly colorful surface improves the soccer ball’s visibility on the ground. Even if you watch on the screen, you will quickly locate the ball.

The ball is made using quality material. The PU construction of the ball makes it a bit softer. PU is also preferable to TPU. The hand stitching of the ball also ensures its long-lasting character. 

Most soccer balls use two polyester layers as lining. Though it is enough for making the ball softer and more durable, the Aztec Soccer Ball By Chaos Soccer Gear is a step ahead. It uses four polyester lining layers to make it feel softer while kicking and is durable for its life.

Synthetic Bladder 

The ball uses a Synthetic Bladder, one of the high-end bladders available for soccer balls. It ensures quality contact to provide the ball with a proper shape. Its air retention quality is also exceptional. 

Adidas Telstar 2018 – Best Official Match Soccer Ball

Adidas Telstar 2018 - Best Official Match Soccer Ball
9.9/10 Our Score


  • NFC Chip embedded
  • Distinct 3D texture
  • 6 seamless panels

Adidas Telstar 18 is neither lightweight nor heavy. Soccer players find it easy to manipulate and curve during their free kick or penalty shoot.

  • easy to manipulate
  • exceptional rebound
  • Its butyl bladder helps it provide better air retention
  • TSBE technology prevents more water absorption
  • Unique design and easy to track
  • Little bit expensive
  • NFC chip doesn’t increase any feature. It is just to read about this ball’s exclusive content

Adidas Telstar first debuted in the 1970’s world cup with 32 black and white panels. It performed very well, but it wasn’t as stylish and perfect as Adidas Telstar 18, which is designed beautifully and constructed with six seamless panels and distinct 3D texture. The six panels of this ball help it distribute the force equally to gain balanced speed and provide stable flight.

Adidas best soccer ball Telstar 18
  • The usage has proved that it is one of the best water-resistive soccer balls courtesy of 6 panels, fine machine stitching, and synthetic leather
  • Lightweight but that does not alter its air time and travel. trainer and players hardly feel any weight while kicking this masterpiece.
  • Used the under hot and humid conditions but there was no deterioration on the surface.
  • Air retention was perfect under extreme hot and cold conditions.

Telstar 18 FIFA-approved and tested soccer ball performed better than the Jabulani soccer ball that was used in the 2010 FIFA world cup. When players criticized Jabulani, then 2014’s world cup was played with Brazuca 2.0, and it solved the problems.

TelstTelstar 18 performed even better than Brazuca 2.0, comparing its rebound, responsiveness, and butyl bladder, making it better in retaining air. The TSBE technology with synthetic leather helps the ball prevent more water uptake and makes it lightweight, which is why when you kick, it doesn’t travel that much longer the way Brazuca 2.0 travels.

Every soccer ball, like Telstar 18 with pixelated panels and modern design, helps free-kick takers, especially goalkeepers, to control and catch it easily. Its brilliant control and grip also make it better for freestylers to use it.

We have reviewed the original version of this ball here, but you can also use its top replique, glider, and mini version. You may get its other versions at a lower price, but quality matters; you won’t find them as genuine as the original version.

The original version of this ball has an NFC chip inside that interacts with your smartphone. It doesn’t increase any feature, but it can provide you a service to know more about Adidas Telstar getting its exclusive content by visiting a specific web page. It is one of the top-rated famous soccer balls in the market to buy.

Wilson NCAA Copia II- A Perfect Choice For Training

Wilson NCAA Copia II- A Perfect Choice For Training
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Well-stitched and visible
  • 20-panel design
  • Soft and bouncy

Wilson NCAA Copia II falls in the mid-range soccer balls that are good for training. The material is good to retain air for a long time. More special zones to kick with perfection.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Better air retention
  • Vibrant colors for better visibility
  • Attractive design and easy to track
  • A bit bulky due to leather covering
Wilson NCAA Copia II
  • We used for hours of training in extremely hot and humid conditions air retention remained at its maximum
  • 20 Panels for better drift
  • Visibility is perfect even under low light conditions
  • A bit bulky and feels a bit heavy while kicking with force

If you want to boost your training performance but face difficulty finding a perfect choice for that, then we recommend Wilson NCAA Copia. Well-stitched and visible. Let’s look at some of the main features of the ball.

The 20-panel design of the soccer ball is there to enhance the exceptional quality of the ball. Every panel of the ball works as a perfect striking zone. So, you can strike it with perfection, whether it is static or in motion.

The color scheme of the ball is exceptional. There are three vibrant designs along with three axes in black color. These designs and color schemes help the player judge the ball’s revolution. This is a perfect technique to judge the flight time and tack of the soccer ball.

The stitching quality of the ball ensures its durability. The 20 panels are stitched together so that it looks like a panel ball.

The surface features leather covering that brings toughness and durability. The exterior is made of premium quality TPU to remain challenging for longer.

The inner surface or lining is packed with the form to make it more soft and bouncy. The ball feels soft while kicking it. 

A training ball should have a better capacity for retaining air. And this is the reason why the Wilson NCAA Copia II is a better choice for trainers because it protects air from leaking out.

Overall the ball is exceptional. But it is suitable for training purposes. For professional purposes, you have to seek some other soccer balls.

Knuckle-it Pro – Best For The money

Knuckle-it Pro
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Manufactured with Visual response color technology
  • Comes with VPM technology
  • 12 seamless thermally-bonded panels

Knuckle-it Pro is one of the best premium match soccer balls, which come with different technologies at such a reasonable price.

  • best for improving skills
  • Its texture helps practice curving and control the ball
  • VPM technology of this ball makes it convenient for the players to find the (sweet spot)
  • Visual response color technology helps players to track the ball conveniently
  • You can not use it for hard surface
  • Available only in size 5
  • VPM technology, helped us a lot to kick the soccer ball with precise tracking.
  • No hand or machine stitching means you will have seamless stitching with fine shape.
  • The perfectly round shape helped us to grip the ball even under extreme hot conditions.
  • Air retention is exceptional due to fine surface, but we found one thing that it loses its shape a bit quickly as compared to hand or machine-stitched soccer balls.

Knuckle-it Pro is manufactured by Millenti. This ball with 12 thermally-bonded panels is made of PU (Polyurethane) leather with a butyl reinforced bladder inside, which makes it responsive and provides a perfect round texture. The ball’s panels aren’t typically stitched so that it will have an impact on its durability or texture when kicked. You can kick it as hard as you can; its materials make it extra solid to last longer.

The roundness, optimal rebound, outstanding grip, and control assist you to practice significantly and improve your skills to the next level. Its texture makes it easy for you to practice curving and controlling the ball. These qualities and features make it the coolest soccer ball. One of its mind blowing features that our time liked about this ball is its VPM technology.

Do you know what VPM (value position maker) technology is?

The technology that used in bend-it Millenti Knuckle-it Pro is dependent on the ball’s valve. It will make it convenient for the players to find the (sweet spot), the hard area of the ball, which requires less energy to kick but generates extra power for the ball to move. When we read about this feature of this ball, we first tested this feature and let me tell you that it was really an awesome feature. It really required less kicking energy and traveled very far.

Knuckle-it Pro - Best For The money

Let’s talk about the (Visual response color technology). This technology enables the players and spectators to track the ball’s movement and rotation effortlessly against any background through the air. This technology plays a vital role for the defenders, especially for goalkeepers, to stop the ball in front of a soccer goal.

If you are searching for one of the best cheap soccer balls, then you should go for this option because it is durable, professional, and sold at a lower price. This ball is not for beginners or casual players, while it is for the pro players who have already mastered the basics.

Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS – Best For Training

Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS
9.3/10 Our Score


  • The ball is NFHS certified
  • Best performer for practice sessions
  • machine-stitched seams

This is a long-lasting ball, and it is a perfect choice for training sessions.

  • machine-stitched seams not only improve the ball’s balance but also help it to maintain an optimal shape.
  • Perfect choice for dribbling and particularly for head-butting.
  • Its textured surface provides a good stickiness.
  • better touch and predictable trajectory.
  • You can’t use it as street or beach ball.
  • Just for practice sessions and recreational play.
  • A practice soccer ball should provide with following features, a quick whether it passes the test or not.
  • Should be a good long session without losing its flatness. Yes, it passes that test by retaining air for longer.
  • Withstand against extreme conditions; Yes, it passes that test, too after playing for an hour, there was no change in the shape and air retention.
  • Can do relatively well on hard surfaces.

Here we present another best Adidas soccer ball which is NFHS certified. It performs fantastic when it comes to the practice sessions. Its machine-stitched seams improve the ball’s balance and action and provide you a brilliant control over it when you want to add spin to your shots.

You will feel the ball a bit hard in the beginning, but it softens up a little bit after an hour of use. One of this ball’s best qualities is that it is best for dribbling and particularly for head-butting. While checking this, I noticed a fact about the ball that it has a good stickiness because of its surface texture. You can train yourself efficiently through this ball which has an excellent grip and class qualities like better touch, great control, and predictable trajectory.

The ball is available in several sizes for different ages. You can get it in size 3 for ages eight and under, ages 8 -13 can use size 4, and size 5 is (official size) it is suggested for 13 and above ages. The ball is shipped deflated; you will be required to inflate it, and the company doesn’t include a pump in the ball’s package.

Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS – Best For Training

This beautifully decorated ball comes in different attractive colors and designs. Not only does design and decoration impress its buyer but also its outstanding durability. It will not deform for a long time. Its optimal shape increases its features and ensures a great playing experience. The ball lasts longer and is sold at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the ball is NFHS verified after passing it through their various phases of tests, which is why you can trust it.

One World Play – Best For Practice And Dogs

One World Play soccer ball
9.0/10 Our Score


  • Virtually indestructible
  • Water proof soccer ball

If you ever desired to have a ball that your dog cannot destroy, you should buy this ball. It is perfect for practicing and can withstand any hard surface.

  • It doesn’t need inflation.
  • Its rebound is the same as a normal soccer ball.
  • It maintains an optimal shape even after getting many punctures.
  • better touch and response.
  • Buy one, and the company will donate one to charity. It is the best way to donate without losing money.
  • The ball is a bit expensive.
  • Just for the use of recreational play, you cannot use it for your matches.
One World Play – Best For Practice And Dogs
  • Extremely durable even after applying unbearable force
  • Made for hard surfaces and tough playing conditions.
  • Looks very unique; the design, color, and stitching pattern
  • It stood several punctures that stamp the authority of its durability
  • Color is unique but a bit unusual
  • The toughest soccer born to stay

Do you know that you can give to a charity indirectly without losing your money? Well, let me tell you that if you buy one ball, (One World Play) will give one as a charity to a developing country. Let’s enjoy playing with these best practice soccer balls from (One World play) and help others as well by buying one.

Jumping directly into its features, I am amazing you by mentioning that this ball is virtually indestructible. It lasts for years, even running it over by a truck which proves its ultra-durability. You may further be amazed that it doesn’t flat or pop if it is punctured several times by your dog biting it or thrown in the thorny bush.

Moreover, the non-toxic materials used in the ball make it waterproof, but it’s mold-resistant and buoyant. Its materials aren’t harmful if your dog bites it, and no small parts are used in it to hurt you or your dog.

Thus, the ball can withstand roads, turf fields, beaches, barbed wires, and any harshest conditions. You should not worry about deflation; it will remain inflated after several punctures and damages.

The ball is not for official matches and competitive tournaments. Only size 4 and size 5 are available. Size 4 is suggested for ages below 13 and dog play, and size 5 is for ages 13+. You will feel it as a normal soccer ball; it bounces normally and provides a soft kicking response.

While testing it, we observed that its rebound is enough for practicing and recreational play. If you are a goalkeeper, this ball is especially for you because you will have to give great concentration to track the ball’s slide. The lines on this ball are hard to see. which is why it is a perfect choice for you if you are a goalkeeper and an admirer of sliding challenges.

Select Numero 10 – Best affordable Soccer Ball

Select Numero 10
9.8/10 Our Score


  • 32 hand-stitched penals’ ball
  • 2-years of warranty

Select Numero 10 is for those who desire to have a long-lasting and premium ball. It is built with high-end materials to ensure an incredible performance and pro experience.

  • Great durability
  • Can be used for official matches, and practice sessions.
  • Fantastic rebound, better touch, and response.
  • predictable trajectory, Stable flight, and travels long
  • Best for head-butting
  • Best air retention
  • Easy to track
  • Not for concrete play.

Select Numero 10 - Best budget Soccer Ball
  • Durable as no machine and thermal technology is used to bind the pieces of the ball
  • The control during the game was perfect
  • performed well under unfavorable conditions like extremely hot conditions, rough and tough terrains, and very low temperatures.
  • Air retention was okay.

Select is a brand that was established in 1947, and it has a long history of making the best size 5 soccer balls. The founder of this company is Eigil Nielsen, who devised a 32 panels hand-stitched football design in 1962. The brand exports its products to almost 50 countries in the world.

This coolest football brand develops only hand-stitched balls to ensure the highest durability and quality. One of their high-quality soccer balls (Select Numero 10) comes with a 2-year warranty showing that the ball is long-lasting. Further authenticating that the ball is FIFA/NFHS/NCAA and IMS APPROVED.

Do you know what makes this ball perfect for your training and legendary matches? Well, It is abrasion-resistant and a bit textured; it provides an excellent tactile surface that helps to manipulate the ball conveniently.

Numero 10 is neither too heavy nor too light. The ball feels well; it is responsive, soft, and has an optimal round shape. The company of this ball provides a 2-years stitching and round shape guarantee.

The ball is made with FPUS 1500 synthetic leather, making it flashy and compatible with turf and grass. It has a latex bladder inside, which helps it to provide a good rebound and better touch. Furthermore, Select desired to make a well-founded ball that bounces normally and travels straight through the air, and you will find it the same.

Numero 10 comes with unique designs and great graphics. The graphics of the ball makes it easy for you to track the ball in low visibility conditions. It is available in all colors in size 5. Size 5 is suggested for the use of ages 13+. Its size 4 ball is available in Pink, Yellow, Orange, and White. Size 4 is suggested for the use of ages 8-12.

Senda freestyle – Best For Juggling, And Outdoor Play

Senda freestyle
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Cover is made of a tire like grippy Rubber
  • Contains butyl bladder
  • Hand-stitched

Senda is compatible with any hard surface. It has a textured surface that provides excellent control over the ball.

  • Great durability.
  • Has three layers linings inside.
  • Can withstand any hard surface.
  • Best air retention.
  • We do not suggest it for head-butting.
  • A bit heavy and hard.

Senda freestyle - Best For Juggling, And Outdoor Play
  • We found it a hard surface friendly soccer ball
  • Air retention is Okay under extreme conditions
  • Good for practice as the surface of the ball does not deteriorate with ease
  • We can’t recommend it as a match ball

Senda Athletics, inc is a soccer and futsal gear company that Santiago Halty introduced in 2010. This company manufactures good quality soccer balls at a reasonable price. This soccer ball brand developed a ball that is compatible with any type of hard surface. They named it the Senda freestyle soccer ball. You can also buy its other versions like Rio, Playa, Amador, and Valor.

If you are searching for a durable soccer ball against every hard surface, then Senda is for you. The outer cover of this ball is made from a tier type of hard grippy Rubber, and its panels are hand-stitched to provide outstanding durability. The materials of this ball make it a little bit heavier and textured than a normal soccer ball, and due to that, it becomes a little bit sticky.

This one is best for juggling and outdoor use, but it is not recommended for any of your group matches. Senda is abrasion resistant, as every soccer ball for hard surfaces should be. It retains air longer because of its reinforced butyl bladder.

Senda Athletics is fair trade certified. The company constructs its products with genuine and authentic materials. As a result, you can trust and spend money on this ball. It is perfect for freestyling, street skills, and hard surfaces such as asphalt and rugged terrains.

ATB All Terrain – Best Street Ball

ATB all terrain
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Contains butyl bladder
  • Has four layers of cotton linings
  • Hand-stitched

If you seek a ball that can withstand any weather and condition, then you should not skip this ball. It is compatible with any asphalt and rugged terrain.

  • This ball is long-lasting.
  • Easy to control.
  • Can withstand any hard surface like asphalt and rugged terrain.
  • Retains air for longer than two months.
  • grippy against slippery surface.
  • Its Rubber is not stinky.
  • compatible against wall kicking.
  • Hard to track because of its dark color
  • A bit heavy and hard.
  • We do not recommend it for head-butting.

We have brought one of the strongest soccer balls for outdoor play. Our team has tested many types of this ball. After it satisfied our professional team members, we then presented it to you. The ball is manufactured by American Challenge Inc. If you are confused about a ball’s selection for outdoor play purposes and thinking about what is a good soccer ball for outdoor play? Then this ball can match your expectations. It can withstand any type of hard surface.

The ball is made of tire-like Rubber, and it has four layers of cotton linings which increase its durability. Its tread makes the ball grippy against any slippery surface. It has a butyl bladder inside that makes the ball capable of retaining the air for more than two months. American Challenge Inc ships the balls deflated; you will have to inflate your ball after purchase.

Its Rubber is not stinky. The materials that are used in the ball make it compatible against wall kicking, turf, grass, and rugged surfaces. The only thing about the ball that needs improvement is its dark color, and that makes it hard to track in some conditions. The company should colorize it so that it will become visible in dark conditions.

Let me share some precautions to avoid harm to you and the ball. Please avoid heading the ball because it is a bit heavier than other normal balls. Do not use it for dog play. Your dog’s bite can damage/destroy the ball, and it may get a hole.

Mikasa SX50 Size 5 – Best Indoor Soccer Ball

Mikasa SX50 Size 5
9.1/10 Our Score


  • hand-stitched ball
  • Comes with one year of warranty

Mikasa SX50 is one of the top soccer balls for indoor play. The company developed this hand-stitched ball with a long-lasting felt cover which gives a better touch, feel, and softness.

  • Hand-stitched ball with a long-lasting felt cover.
  • Suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, and hardwood floors.
  • Comes with one year of warranty.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Available in size 5 only.
  • You can’t play with it on concrete.

MIKASA is a Japanese sports equipment and athletic merchandise brand that was founded on May 1, 1917. You may not know, but the company has a long history of making great soccer balls.

The ball we are reviewing now is one of Mikasa’s famous soccer balls. Mikasa SX50 is very suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, and hardwood floors.

The company developed this hand-stitched ball with a long-lasting felt cover which gives a better touch, feel, and softness. You will get one year of warranty for this size 5 soccer ball, which means it lasts longer, maintains optimal shape, and does not lose its integrity. It is neither too bouncy nor too dull. It flies like an eagle when kicked. You can get it in many beautiful colors.

Please note that the is shipped deflated, and the pump is not included in the package. Inflate the ball and enjoy playing.

Top 10 best soccer ball brands.

With the growing popularity of soccer, there are a lot of brands that have become popular. Here are the top 10 best football brands.

The 10 best soccer brands are: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno Corporation, Lotto Sport, Kappa, Diadora, Umbro, Italia Srl 


Adidas is a global leader in the sports industry. The company was founded in 1948 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler, following the split of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik into two separate entities, Adidas and Puma. It is now based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. The company manufactures sports shoes, shirts, coats, and other sportswear as well as equipment such as sports balls.  

Adidas AG is a multinational company that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories. It’s headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

It is the largest sportswear manufacturer and second-largest sporting footwear manufacturer in the world. The company has been an official sponsor of FIFA since 1970 and sponsor of UEFA since 1954. Adidas sponsors many high-profile athletes and sports teams worldwide, including Chelsea FC, Real Madrid CF, Fenerbahce SK, Los Angeles Lakers, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Bayern Munich Football Club, and as individual athletes such as James Harden from the United States NBA.


Nike, Inc. is a multinational corporation that designs, develops, and sells footwear and apparel. It was founded on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in the US state of Oregon.

Nike’s slogan “Just do it” was first used in 1988 by then-CEO of Nike Inc., Phil Knight. In its advertising campaigns from 1987 onward, It has been known to use celebrity endorsements from famous athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

In 2006 Nike spent an estimated $1 billion to sponsor sports events such as football (soccer) worldwide, with about half going to the United States alone.


Puma is a sports company specializing in producing and distributing footwear, apparel, soccer balls, and other accessories. It has been in operation since 1924, founded by Rudolf Dassler. The brand has been known for its signature “paw” logo for over 40 years. Puma’s products are manufactured in more than 130 countries and sold in around 160 countries.

The company also sponsors significant sporting events such as football clubs, athletes, tennis players, and teams across the globe, including Arsenal FC, Borussia Dortmund, Pumas UNAM, and Aston Villa FC, among others.


Molten the multinational company headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan is a leading manufacturer of sports equipment ranging from footballs to volleyballs. In fact, Molten Corporation made history when it became the official ball supplier for both consumer and professional-level matches at the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Molten’s impressive list of clients includes many national teams as well as top professional leagues including those in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, English Premier League, and Spain’s La Liga. In Europe, Molten has been providing the official match ball for UEFA Champions League matches since 2000.

5-Mizuno Corporation

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sporting goods company founded in 1906 by Masaji Mizuno. It is most well-known for its running, baseball, softball, professional golf, tennis, and fishing equipment.

The company faced bankruptcy in the early 1980s, but with the help of financial consultant Dennis R. Hopper, it could get back on track and grow to the size they are today.

In 2017 Mizuno acquired American athletic apparel brand ASICS and had grown to be one of the world’s leading sports manufacturers.

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sporting goods company. It was founded in 1906, and it has been the official apparel provider of the Olympics games since 1984.

Mizuno employs a variety of marketing techniques to launch their products, such as:

  • Product Placement: Mizuno products are worn by professional athletes like Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, and Kobe Bryant.
  • Sponsoring: Mizuno sponsors sports events such as the Boston Marathon, The Memorial Tournament, and The Japan Open Tennis Championships.
  • Product Development: Mizuno’s product development team works closely with athletes and trainers to create innovative products that fit their needs.

6- Lotto Sport

Lotto Sport, Inc. provides a platform that makes it easy for high school athletic associations to promote their events and allow parents to purchase tickets online. The company offers advertising, marketing, digital services, analytics, and other services. The company also provides a platform that helps high school athletic associations manage their season schedules and activities.

Lotto Sport was founded in 2009 by Jay Welsch as a ticketing provider for high school sports teams. For the first few years of its existence, the company exclusively served this market, but in 2014, it expanded into event management software by introducing its “Active” platform designed to help high school athletic associations better handle scheduling.

The company launches its new products by giving them a try themselves. They have an expert testing team that tries out the product extensively before releasing it. The team has different levels of expertise to help customers with additional needs.

Lotto Sport is a company that offers athletic gear such as tennis and badminton clothing and other sports necessities.

For many years, Lotto Sport had been operating in the country without a physical store. However, to increase their market share and reduce costs, they set out to reinvent their approach to marketing and advertising by launching stores.


The Kappa sportswear company is a company based in Milan, Italy. It was founded by Guido and Maurizio Castelli in 1981. The company makes sportswear for men, women, and children. The first items that the company introduced were tracksuit bottoms. They have a yearly turnover of around 500 million Euros and employ over 500 people.

The first product manufactured by Kappa was a white cotton t-shirt with two red stripes on each sleeve.

The founders of this company were Pietro Danone and his wife Mariangela, who are Italian citizens. They are famous for their innovative designs, which are always up to date with the latest trends. One of their most famous collections includes the “Kappa Age” series, which features design elements from traditional Japanese prints.


Diadora is a company that designs and produces athletic footwear and apparel. The company was founded in Italy in 1948 by Leonardo Dias Brando, who sold his first shoes from the trunk of his car.

The company’s headquarters are located in Pesaro, where it has been based since its founding.

In 2004, Diadora became a subsidiary of Sportswear International BV. In 2007, the company split from Benetton Group and was acquired by Playlife SPA., a company specializing in distribution for sporting goods companies.

Diadora has subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, and the USA. It is known as one of the world’s top sports shoe brands with a particular reputation for soccer cleats.

Diadora is an Italian sportswear brand founded in 1949. The company is best known for its footwear, specifically soccer cleats and running shoes. They manage to keep up with trends and provide new products for their customers every season.

The company starts its launches by creating a story through storytelling videos, campaigns, and social media posts. They then use the report to generate hype around the new product launch.

To promote these campaigns, Diadora uses various marketing channels such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create engagement with the customer base.


Umbro is an English clothing company that was founded in 1908. It is one of the oldest brands of sportswear in Europe.

Umbro designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells sports clothing worldwide, focusing on football shirts. Umbro is also the world’s second-largest manufacturer of football kits, after Nike.

The company is most famous for its association with England national football team that it sponsors. It also supports other groups worldwide, including Brazil’s national football team and clubs like Manchester City Football Club.

The company wanted to launch its products in India, so it partnered with H&M. The plan was to have its products stocked at 21 stores across India.

This partnership has been successful due to H&M’s reputation for being an exclusive brand that caters to a wide range of different consumers, but it also has its drawbacks. For example, the company may not be able to keep up with demand for specific items or sell everything on the website because they are limited by how much inventory they have available at any given time.

10-Italia Srl

Italia Srl is one of the most prestigious companies in Italy. It provides world-class luxury bags and accessories to its customers.

The company has an international presence with stores in famous locations like Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, and many more.

It also has an e-commerce platform that offers its customers the convenience of shopping for high-quality products at their convenience.

Italia Srl is a company that offers a variety of services to its clients. They offer services such as website design, content writing, graphic design, and more.

The company was founded in 1982 by founder Carlo Valentini. The company has grown with the times and has adapted to the digital world we live in. Italia Srl is based in Rome and serves clients all over the world.

Buying Guide

When you buy a ball, if it doesn’t meet your expectations and doesn’t perform the way you wanted it to be, you will waste more of your money. So, we recommend you to read this soccer balls buying guide to know about the balls’ construction and purpose of play.

Before you make a purchase, you need to ask yourself, for what purpose will you buy a ball? Are you buying it for the money, premium matches, training sessions, or outdoor/indoor play?

This buying guide will train you to choose good quality footballs according to your need, knowing about their types of use and construction.

Types of use

Official match ball

An official match ball should be FIFA, NFHS, NCAA, or IMS APPROVED.

An official match ball should be soft enough for head-butting.

These balls are used in different leagues like Spanish La Liga and English premiere league etc.

Official match balls should contain a latex bladder for better responsiveness, nice touch, control, and normal bounce.

You will find official match balls a bit more expensive than regular balls because these are made of high-end materials that help the ball to perform best during the match.

Match ball

A match ball should be of high quality.

It should provide a better touch, control, and grip.

These balls are a little bit more expensive than training balls but less expensive than premium match balls.

Training ball

It should retain air for longer.

This ball must be tough and durable.

These balls come with a textured surface.

You can use a training ball over and over again.

A training ball should be compatible with any type of surface.

A training ball should have a butyl bladder for longer air retention.

It should be made of PVC Polyvinyl chloride cover. This creates a ball a bit harder but also helps it to last longer.

Ball for outdoor use

These balls’ covers are made of tire-like textured Rubber

These types of balls are virtually indestructible.

It can withstand any hard surfaces such as asphalt and rugged terrains.

Soccer Ball Sizes by Age

Every ball has a specific size, and we use every size for its particular age and specific purpose. Get a ball with a proper size according to you and your beloved one’s age.

soccer ball sizes by age infographics
soccer ball sizes by age infographics

Size 5

For the use of ages 13 and above.

They are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and street play and can also be used for freestyling and training sessions.

27-28 inches

Size 4

A size 4 ball is suggested for ages between 8-12.

It can be used for street play, juggling, and training.

25-26 inches

Size 3

A size 3 soccer ball is suggested for ages eight and below.

Size 2

Usable for the age of 3 years old children

Size 1

Size 1 balls are also called mini soccer balls which are usable for young kids.

These are also utilized to improve a kid’s footwork.


More panels in a ball help you to manipulate it easily.

If you want to use a ball for your matches, get a ball with fewer panels.

Thermally bonded panels’ balls don’t last as long as hand-stitched balls.

Hand-sewn panels balls are used for practice sessions and outdoor play.

Get a ball with more panels if you are going to use it for your training sessions.

If you want to buy a ball for your official matches, buy a ball with thermally bonded panels.


Choose a ball made of PVC cover if you are going to use it for your training sessions.

The ball’s cover helps it provide a better touch, responsiveness, grip, and durability.

A polyurethane casing helps the ball to prevent more water uptake. If you are buying one for your matches, then buy one with a PU cover.


Ball’s linings are found between the bladder and cover.

These help a ball to remain durable and maintain an optimal shape.

Linings are made from polyester and cotton mixture.

If you want a long-lasting ball, then pick a ball with 4 or 5 linings.


If a ball is designed with light colors, it is well-tracked during matches against dark conditions.

A ball’s colors help players, especially goalkeepers, to track it easily.

Final important words

Please keep in mind that for which purpose are you going to buy a ball. Buy a ball according to your need and purpose. The more money you will spend, the more money you will waste until you haven’t decided your purpose of play. Do not waste money on a ball that isn’t worth that much. After reading our buying guide, you can choose a perfect ball according to your needs.

I hope you found this review informative and enjoyable. Enjoy playing with these top-notch soccer balls. Let us know if we missed anything or if this review needs any modification.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Soccer balls are made of Rubber, synthetics, and leather.

A Glider ball is used mainly for practice sessions. You will find these balls durable and low-priced. Glider balls retain air for a long time as compared to premium match balls.

Both of these perform differently. Each of these bladders has its own features. It depends on the purpose of play. Get a ball with a latex bladder if you are going to use it for official matches. A latex bladder makes a ball responsive and easy to manipulate. If you want to buy one for your practice sessions or outdoor play, then you should go for a butyl bladder. It controls air pressure for a long time and helps the ball to maintain its optimal shape.

Yes, Adidas Telstar 18 is a good soccer ball. This ball has got the FIFA-approved mark which means it has passed FIFA’s several checking tests. These tests include durability, performance, rebound, and air retention. The ball outperformed many previous official match balls, and it is now known as the world’s one of the top official match balls.

Professional players use size 5 for their practice sessions and official matches.

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