Adidas Uniforia Pro Soccer Ball Review

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Let us introduce a monster ball from Adidas that amazes its buyers through its outstanding construction, design, and performance. It is a FIFA-approved football that was developed as a premium match soccer ball in 2020. If you ever desired to have an official match ball and wanted to play with a pro ball, then this is for you.

Let me amaze you by mentioning how Adidas developed this ball. How many years did it take engineers to develop? How many players tested it? What factors did the manufacturer consider to make it to be perfect? The name of the ball is Adidas Uniforia Pro.

Adidas Uniforia pro soccer ball review

Let’s dive into its history to answer all of these questions.

Adidas Uniforia Pro - Best FIFA approved adidas soccer ball
9.9/10 Our Score


  • FIFA-approved
  • Tested by 600 players
  • Durable and genuine football

The History of Adidas Uniforia Pro

Adidas released Unfioria Pro in 2020 as an official match ball for the UEFA Euro Football event. This ball is now available in many different versions that we use for many different purposes.

The Pro Uniforia ball took makers around four years to develop the ball, and it was taken through 3 different continents. Approximately 600 soccer players from 12 different countries tested it.

This ball has gone through all the processes of FIFA tests and got approval once it satisfied its developers and FIFA’s testing manual.

In order to get the FIFA’s label and become a professional or official match soccer ball, it met all FIFA’s standard testing requirements such as; size, weight, shape, water absorption, and other performance characteristics.

This is how the ball got FIFA’s approval and became the 2022 UEFA Euro tournament’s official match ball. When it also satisfied all its users and fans, it was then released in many different versions like; Matchball Replica “League,” Matchball Replica “Training,” and Matchball Replica “Club.”


Let’s Dive Into Uniforia Pro Ball’s Review

This ball is almost the same as Adidas Telstar 18 that was used in the world cup 2018. Both of these balls’ performances are the same. Each of these balls has stable flight, better aerodynamics, and easy-tracked graphics.

What makes this ball a bit better than Adidas Telstar (2018), are some of its latest features such as; a textured surface, which provides better grip, thermally bonded panels that prevent more water uptake, has low rebound that makes this ball easy to control, high-quality PU that ensures durability, great trajectory, and perfect weight.

What we and all international goalkeepers liked about Uniforia is its design. Telstar was a bit hard to track against some backgrounds through the air. In contrast, Uniforia pro is well-designed and can be tracked easily against any type of background.

Furthermore, it is made of 100% polyurethane leather and has thermally-fused panels that help it avoid more water absorption. While checking the ball, I noticed that its flashy and slippery surface helps it travel a bit longer than Telstar 18. It still provides a better grip but not as better as Telstar.

While the ball is made of high-end materials, so it’s somehow more expensive than some other official match balls. Some soccer players may afford it many times, that’s why they should not use it for training and practice purposes. Many Adidas balls are used for multipurpose use, but since this one is costly, that’s why avoid using it in practice and training sessions.

Let’s discuss Adidas Uniforia’s other versions and their uses so that you can know which one suits you best and which one to use for your game.

Uniforia Pro Match Ball OMB (Official Match Ball)

Uniforia Pro OMB is used for professional and official matches. This ball was designed for UEFA Euro 2022 soccer tournament. Due to its high price. You can only use it for official and premium matches. As we have discussed all of its qualities and usage above so, we hope you may have noticed or known everything about this ball.

Uniforia Matchball Replica Training

This version has almost the same specifications as the pro one, but it is a bit cheaper. I am not quite sure whether it performs best for every club that trains with this version or not. In my view, Matchball Replica Club must be the recommendation of every soccer player for the internal club’s game.

Furthermore, this ball is intended for use in practice and training sessions, so you should not hesitate when buying it for training purposes. It does well on natural grass or futsal-type surfaces when being trained with it.

Uniforia Matchball Replica Club

Neither my team nor I have seen any difference in this ball, comparing it with its other versions during training sessions. All of these come with the same textured surfaces, which makes these balls easy to control, feel soft, and travel well.

Unfioria Matchball Replica League

This ball is known to be the best quality training ball. Everyone used to call this ball the Top Replique. This ball has also gotten FIFA’s approval and label. As discussed above, nothing changes in this version as well when compared to Matchball Replica Training. The only difference between all these versions is the price.


Nothing can now confuse you when buying an Adidas Uniforia Pro soccer ball or any of its other versions. All of these balls are intended for different types of uses since every of its version is specified with their names, so you can choose the best one according to your purpose of play.

The best recommendation for you is to buy the Pro Version or the League Version. If you cannot afford these two versions, you can buy any of its other versions without any fear of low performance.

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