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We are a soccer platform that is dedicated to all soccer fans around the world. We also publish articles on what’s happening in the soccer world and review the top/best products so readers can be informed about what’s going on in this sport they love.

The site was established by James Loyd, who has been passionate about soccer since he was young. He always dreamed of organizing the data of this sport for everyone to enjoy it with ease.

That’s why he teamed up with some experts and developed Shoot the Soccer as an innovative platform that easily aggregates all the information about soccer games and equipment for anyone who wants to find out more about it or new buyers who dreamt of becoming the best soccer players in the future.

This site is a project we created as our first website. It’s about a group of friends who like to play soccer, but it’s certainly not limited to that. We hope that you find the site enjoyable, and we encourage you to contact us with any feedback or ideas that we might be able to integrate into this project.

Our Team

Chasing Excellence: Our Team Mission and Vision

Empowering Soccer Fans: Our Mission to Foster Growth and Enrich Lives through the Beautiful Game

shoot the soccer owner - James Loyd

James Loyd

James Loyd is the head of the four-man team here and the owner of “Shoot The Soccer”. Being a professional soccer player I’ve been progressively discovering the world of soccer sport. My aim is to help my readers find good quality soccer products and know about every important aspect of the soccer game.

edwards warren

Edwards Warren

Edward Warren is a seasoned soccer player who has honed his skills from a young age. As a senior member of the team, he brings a wealth of experience to the table and plays an important role in the selection of the best soccer gear. Additionally, he provides valuable support to our readers by offering expert recommendations on top football products, helping them to elevate their game to the next level. His contributions to our blog are greatly appreciated and have made it a trusted resource for soccer enthusiasts.



Benjamin is a highly skilled professional football player with a lifelong passion for the sport. He is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest soccer products and is always eager to share his findings with others. In addition to his playing abilities, Benjamin is an invaluable asset to the Shootthesoccer team, as he takes great care to assess the quality and authenticity of soccer gear. His conscientious approach ensures that the team and readers alike can access the best soccer equipment at affordable prices, making him a crucial contributor to the success of the organization.



William is a highly accomplished IT professional with extensive experience in web development and maintenance. He has expertly crafted this website with the goal of providing soccer enthusiasts with a seamless and user-friendly platform for accessing information and answers to their questions. William’s tireless efforts in ensuring the website’s ease of navigation and stability have enabled it to operate efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions for users.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a good football player, since he was a teenager he started his way and improved his skills. We appreciate Jason’s contribution to our blog because the knowledge he shares has been tested by time and many years of football practice. Now he constantly follows football news, hones his skills, and of course shares current thoughts with our readers.

Our Aim

At Shootthesoccer, we are dedicated to providing our readers with the highest quality information and resources. To achieve this goal, our team works collaboratively to thoroughly test the originality, durability, and affordability of products. Our goal is to make the blog as accessible and beneficial as possible for soccer lovers, and we are continually striving to improve its usefulness. We are committed to providing a valuable resource for the soccer community and are proud to play a role in supporting their love for the game.

Have ideas about the improvement of this blog? Please feel free to contact us! ?

James Loyd